About Us
During our many years in retail and wholesale business we have learned the benefits of sharing with others the good things we find in our travels.
Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the very best merchandise available even if they are unable to travel to the locations depicted in the LIGHTHOUSE ART AND MORE.COM Website selections.
This is our newest Website LIGHTHOUSE ART AND MORE.COM and is an extension of our passion for all things dealing with LIGHTHOUSES and related items. We have been in the retail and wholesale business since 1970. in this way we are able to reach out to the whole world and share some of the great finds we have discovered around the country in our travels . These items include LIGHTHOUSE collectables, LIGHTHOUSE original art photo prints, framed art prints.A large collection of outdoor LIGHTHOUSE lawn ornaments ,outdoor LIGHTHOUSE mail boxes ,indoor LIGHTHOUSE decorations such as LIGHTHOUSE floor lamps.
We are sure you will find the perfect LIGHTHOUSE gift for every occasion and for every LIGHTHOUSE enthusiast on your gift list and the finest LIGHTHOUSE ornaments and decorations for your home too.
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